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    Aside from being a heating and cooling contractor, servicing and installing heating
    and cooling systems throughout Chicago, we also offer several other services
    designed to keep your home and business comfortable all year. 
    These services and products are performed with the same care and consideration
    as our basic heating and cooling.

    For all services related to heating and cooling be sure
    to call us at 312-602-9688

    We offer planned maintenance services that will save you money

    As a full service HVAC contractor you can take advantage of many different services that we provide on a regular basis to our customers in the Chicago area. Included are:

    • Water heater repair – We service all make and models of electric and gas powered water heaters. If you had a cold shower this morning call us right away for a warm shower tonight.
    • Water heater sales and installation. We sell and install all styles of water heaters:

    -          Gas and water tank type - We provide the most efficient Energy Star rated units.

    -          Tankless Units – These provide an endless flow of hot water to all parts of the house or up to 4 gallons per minute. Excellent for large families with multiple baths. Uses very little space unlike tanked models

    -          Recirculation Pump – These provide an immediate flow of hot water. No waste waiting for the hot water to reach the tap.

    -          Whole House Units – We provide units to service any size home including multiple units if necessary.

    • Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning.  A convenient way to cooling homes or offices without the noise of a compressor or the need to cut a large hole in the wall.  More efficient than the standard central air conditioning unit.  Made in colors to blend with the room.  These are the new choice as an energy efficient alternative to what was considered standard cooling.
    • Planned Maintenance Services- Our preventative maintenance agreement is a wise choice for anyone who wants to be guaranteed that there HVAC system will always be operating at peak performance and never experience the discomfort of a system failure. We perform 9 point system check and a spring check up to ensure that you get the maximum life and efficiency form all components of your HVAC system. Studies have shown the equipment failures are mostly due to neglect and poor maintenance.  Call today to find out more about ou Planned Maintenance Services.

    At Paradise Air Inc we try hard to be more than just the company to call when your air or heat is not working. We want to be your energy partner to ensure you comfort for all seasons.

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       For any questions, please feel free to contact our staff. Whether your equipment needs to be serviced, or you would like to request a proposal for an upcoming project, we are glad to assist you.

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